Agro tourism is a mild form of tourism and rural development. It brings city dwellers in the environment of the village and rural life and gives them an "opportunity" to integrate with local conditions. The tourist is a visitor, a friend and admirer of the place. He/she is a traveller who seeks the secrets of a place in its authenticity and beauty, in quiet life and natural heritage, and in all those unique and distinctive features the place has to offer. This is why we bring visitors closer to nature, to the cultivation of land, collection of fruits and all those activities which inspire them, traditionally and ecologically. We suggest ancient paths, serene beaches and idyllic streets and a guide to old churches and monasteries, stone bridges and archaeological finds. This is a unique chance to discover a genuine and authentic place and live some intimate moments interwoven with experiential knowledge. THE AGRO TOURIST


Agro tourists seek relaxation in a tranquil environment in an effort to temporarily cut off from their urban reality. They seek contact with nature in order to get to know both rural life and farmers, the locals who will initiate them into a different and unknown for many of them lifestyle. They want to enjoy the authenticity of provincial life, informal hospitality, the cleanliness of the landscape and cleanliness of the environment, traditional homemade dishes, they want to be made privy to a life that has to tell them much about the distant past. Such tourists are considered to be well-travelled and experienced. They are individuals who have already tasted the tourist destinations in the form of mass tourism and, being now sick of that standard, look at a new dimension in their destinations, luxuriating in their cultural and naturalistic aspects, but also in their potential for human contact and communication.

The OLIVE TREE, as a symbol of peace, fertility, purity and prosperity for thousands of years, continues even today to bring people together and send messages of hope and peace to those who follow the paths of knowledge and culture. The aim of the visitable department of "MELAS OLIVE OIL DOMAIN" is TO OFFER a few hours of relaxation in the "BIO GARDEN OF OLIVE TREES", associate the history of many centuries of this place and olive cultivation to tourism and highlight its role in economy and value of products for the modern man.

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