The olive tree, a tree sacred and bearing multiple symbolisms, has been accompanying the lives of people in the Mediterranean for thousands of years.

An unadorned symbol of peace and victory.

A symbol of prosperity, immortality, fertility and euphoria.

The olive tree is intimately connected with the Greek landscape and its people. It has been connected through time with the values that represent a valuable prize for the athlete of the race track in the Olympic Games, but also life. The myths, symbols, its uses (food, lighting, heating, perfumes, trophies, etc.,) the art, the language from Linear A and B to this day, the pre-Christian tradition, Christianity and the "oil of gladness" coming from the Mount of Olives to the vigil of St. Nicholas, which calms the tempestuous sea, and the modern diet, health, grooming and anything else can highlight the importance of olive, its products and by-products as a presentation, all these are a minimum tribute to emphasize the ODE which fits a "queen", the OLIVE TREE.

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