Our Beauty depends heavily on our emotions and daily habits.

For example, when we feel happy our skin looks more radiant.

When we drink plenty of water, we help stimulate our skin.

Our skin comes in contact with the environment, while protecting us from its attacks.

It has a natural defence system which is often subjected to harsh trials because of the modern lifestyle (stress, pollution, hygiene with aggressive cleaning products, abuse of care products with synthetic ingredients, etc.).

Our skin is an external organ of our body which absorbs anything we spread on it.

When using products with synthetic ingredients, these chemicals can not only irritate the appearance of our skin, but can also accumulate on our body after a long-term use, all the more so because our organization is very difficult to remove them. This is the result of our modern lifestyle.

We can do something about it! We Greeks possess the ultimate cosmetic.OLIVE OIL.

There is no need to look elsewhere.

Preparing personal care products based on organic olive oil, we consciously avoid synthetic dyes and fragrances, using only natural essential oils as perfumes for our products, which are completely absorbed from the skin and make it more beautiful.

Moreover, we do not use synthetic or "natural" preservatives, dyes, mineral oils and genetically modified ingredients in our raw materials.

With constant quality and clinical controls we manage to maintain the highest standards at all stages of production.

In this way we can offer certified and safe products for the needs of modern man, benefiting from the beneficial properties of olive oil, like the ancient Greeks.

Because HEALTH means BEAUTY and


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