The biological series "ANASTASIA BIO CARE" of personal care products bears the following pioneering-innovative features:

• Contains extra virgin olive oil, the chemical composition of which has the maximum beneficial ingredients to the skin while constituting itself a useful and functional ingredient for the skin.

• The extra virgin olive oil is organically certified, without making any use of harmful chemicals during cultivation, which could harm the skin.

• They belong to the category of cosmetic products called ‘’cosmeceuticals’’. The term is used for products that not only improve appearance but carry nutrients to the skin valuable for maintaining and improving its health. These ingredients do not provide a simple superficial action but enter the lower layers of skin.

• The product mix comprises the greatest percentage of raw materials of organic nature and natural origin. These are extracts, essential oils, distillation products and oils which are provided by nature itself. No raw materials used are bio-produced products.

• The biological activity and bioavailability of extra virgin olive oil on the skin support healthy cell growth so that the skin appears healthy. The skin is also an organ of our body that protects us from harmful environmental factors (sun, drought, UV-A and UV-B radiation), from shocks and from the entrance of infectious microorganisms and chemicals. Its protection and care are particularly important for the overall protection of the organism.

• The presence of oil in products is 10%, which is an innovation in cosmetic products. The design of products and the combination of their individual components gives the possibility to create a stable and functional product in the area of production of organic cosmetic products.

• They are ecological and free from ingredients of chemical origin.

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